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Watch an Army softball player literally leap over the catcher to avoid being tagged

There are plenty of ways to avoid being tagged: You could pull a disappearing act, or make a nifty swim move, or just flat-out tear open a rift in the Matrix.


But all of that just seems so tedious, doesn't it? Why go through all that maneuvering, when there's a much more efficient solution: As Army infielder Kasey McCravey demonstrated during the Patriot League Tournament on Saturday, you could just leap over the catcher entirely.

... wait, hold on, we need to see that again.

Before you pick your jaw up off the floor, allow us to inform you that this wasn't even the first time McCravey treated the catcher as a hurdle. Twitter provided the high school photo to prove it:

McCravey's acrobatics helped the Black Knights earn a 3-1 win over Lehigh in the Patriot League semifinals -- she'll have a chance for an encore Sunday morning against Boston University in the championship game.