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Scenes from the Dodgers' postseason, through the pen of courtroom artist Mona S. Edwards

Mona Shafer Edwards/FOX11

For those who aren't blessed with the gift of artistic ability, it's easy to stare in awe at the work of those who are. Courtroom sketch artists have a fascinating job, tasked with depicting scenes from inside some pretty tense conditions.

Mona Shafer Edwards is a premier courtroom artist whose skill extends outside the wall of that environment, as she's demonstrated with a series of thoroughly impressive Dodgers-related sketches as the team's postseason run has rolled along. FOX11 in Los Angeles has shared a few of them thus far and profiled the project on a news broadcast: 

Here's one she did of third baseman Justin Turner, standing in a triumphant pose:

... a pose that might look familiar to you if you watched his walk-off homer in Game 2 of the NLCS: 


Shafer also captured the scene after the Dodgers' NLCS clinch:

Look at that attention to detail!


Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw toed the rubber at Dodger Stadium for the team's first World Series game since 1988 on Oct. 24:


... which Shafer also captured:

Fantastic work, isn't it?

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