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An A's fan holding his kid and wearing sunglasses at night caught a foul ball in the 12th inning

Friday night's Tigers-A's game in Oakland spanned 13 innings, allowing rookie Ramon Laureano to announce his presence with a Major League debut for the ages in the A's 1-0 win. Though the game went late, it was on track to be a pretty speedy affair until it hit extras -- but it was still definitely a night game. 

That didn't matter to one fan along the third-base line, who defiantly wore his sunglasses with pride. This came into play when Victor Martinez lofted a foul pop down by the Oakland bullpen, when this guy ranged over through a swath of fellow fans to grab the prized baseball with his glove. Oh, did we mention he was also holding his kid the entire time?  


That's top-notch Dad Fan territory, right there, plus some unmistakable style with the sunglasses at night