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A ricochet gave an A's fan her second foul ball of the night and she was totally surprised

Chance. So much in life happens due to chance. At the ballpark, the likelihood you'll wind up gifted with a souvenir foul ball on a given evening is pretty low -- thanks to physics, math, angles and math terms like those. In short: The odds aren't in your favor.

But don't tell that to this A's fan in Monday's 7-1 loss to the Mariners (or Han Solo). 

Already holding a baseball in one hand, a foul ball headed down toward the seats a few rows in front of her in the sixth inning but she still wound up with it.


View the full highlight atop this post and notice her priceless reaction to a surprise two-foul ball evening. 

It's not every day you discover you're a baseball magnet ... but this is now at least the second time it's happened in Oakland this season. Must be something in that Bay Area air.