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A's fans dress up as old-time base ballers, give souvenir to baby, achieve Peak Fandom

There are several paths one can follow toward Good Baseball Fandom -- you can show up in elaborate costume, or give away a foul ball, or bring along your Good Baseball Dog, or even just root, root, root for the home team. 

True, fanatical greatness, though? That's reserved for the special few. The ones whose passion and ingenuity cannot be matched. The ones who show up in full 19th century base balling regalia, only to then bestow a foul ball upon an adorable baby in a bucket hat. 

In case you're worried that we were just teasing you with that oddly specific hypothetical, don't worry: Allow us to present this group of fans at Saturday's Yankees-A's game.


The knickers. The bow-ties. The baby in a bucket hat. May we all enjoy a trip to the ballpark even half this much.