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As King Felix turns 29 years old, he prepares for the 11th year of his reign

The 2015 MLB season will be Felix Hernandez's 11th. Since he entered the league in 2005, he has laid waste to the majority of the 8,849 batters he has faced. Here is just a taste of why he is called "King:"

He has placed in the American League top five strikeout totals every year since 2009; in 2006 and 2008, he was top 10. His WAR from 2009-14 ranked among the top 10 for pitchers in the AL every year except 2011. In 2010, he won the AL Cy Young Award; in '09 and '14, he finished second in the voting. On Aug. 15, 2012 he threw a perfect game against the Rays. Last season, he led the AL in games started, ERA, average number of hits allowed per nine innings and WHIP.

There is no sign that his reign will end any time soon. And yet, Hernandez turns just 29 years old on Wednesday. Seriously: King Felix isn't even 30 years old yet -- he has an entire MLB season left in his 20s.

And if Monday's Opening Day start against the Angels was any indication, it will be no different from the previous 10 -- he gave up just two runs, one walk and an earned run while striking out 10 in seven innings.


Happy birthday, Felix. Long live the king.