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As long as the Reds are winning, this fan is keeping his mini-helmet and handlebar mustache on

Two things stand out about Tony Nauman when you see him in the Power Stacks at Great American Ball Park. And neither of them is changing any time soon.

Nauman wears a miniature Reds batting helmet and sports a handlebar mustache to go with it. He obtained the helmet after eating United Dairy Farmers sundaes at a game earlier this season, and thought it’d be a funny thing to start wearing to games.

“It’s been on for a while,” Nauman said. “I got some sundaes with my nephews and thought it’d be funny to wear a little kind of clown hat for one of the games later.”

The first game he wore it was against the D-backs on July 17. It was a “Bowtie Tuesday,” inspired by Reds TV announcer Chris Welsh’s affection for wearing them during Tuesday telecasts. Nauman arrived in the Power Stacks with his mustache turned up, his mini-helmet on and a bowtie around his neck.

The Reds went 5-2 on that homestand and have been hot ever since, prompting Nauman to keep the mustache up and helmet on. His outfit has become a fan favorite during the second half of the season.

“I get lots of high-fives. Lots of girls want to touch the mustache,” Nauman said. “Lots of people want to touch the hat too.”

Don’t expect anything to change with Nauman’s good luck charms, especially with Joey Votto returning to the lineup.

“We’ve been winning, so I’m not going to be changing it for anything,” Nauman said. “Nothing’s going to change, except I’ll add the bowtie on Tuesdays.”

-- Will Frasure / Real-Time Correspondent

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