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A's promise 6-year-old fan they'll take good care of Brett Lawrie

A's promise young fan they'll take care of Lawrie

We're not going to say you should always film yourself dramatically weeping and post the video online when your favorite MLB player gets traded, but for 6-year-old Amelia, things seem to have worked out.

When Brett Lawrie was traded from the Blue Jays to the A's earlier this offseason, young Jays die-hard Amelia was positively woebegone at the thought of her favorite player suiting up more than 2,600 miles away.

So the A's decided to send her a care package to console her, along with a "PROMISE" that they'd take good care of her favorite player. We think they made a convert out of her:

This is just a few weeks after Lawrie himself decided to stop by to hang with Amelia before he shipped off to the golden coast:

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