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Watch Asdrúbal Cabrera's son crush line drives in the family living room

via Asdrubal Cabrera's Instagram

Free-agent infielder Asdrúbal Cabrera is more than just a veteran infielder with over 1,500 career hits and 150 career taters who can play multiple positions around the diamond. He also looks like an awesome dad.

While most parents are usually wary about letting their kids play ball in the house, Asdrúbal seems to have few reservations about letting his four-year-old son Liam take swings in the family living room. 

Unlike his dad who tends to pull the ball, Liam, who recently celebrated his fourth birthday, appears to have a unique ability to hit the ball with authority to all fields. This isn't the first time we've seen little Liam crushing baseballs. Check out this video from last year.

only 2 years old 🙈

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Liam's sweet swinging is only the latest in a recent string of adorable baseball children doing adorable things. Between Adam Engle's newborn daughter dabbing, Brock Holt's son Griffin raiding the family pantry and David Price's son Xavier hijacking a World Series postgame press conference, it's been an entertaining few months for the kids of our favorite baseball stars.