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#ASGAdventure Day 2: Lessons from the road

Five important things I've Iearned from the #ASGAdventure thus far:

1. When it comes to cornfields, we're pretty set as a nation. If there's an apocalypse, corn's got our back.

2. The Pirate Parrot is vastly underrated in the mascot community. Listen, I get it: It's a competitive market. When you're up against an affable, cross-dressing green mammal from the Galapagos AND a guy who just "happened" to be born/blessed with a baseball for a head, it's hard to catch a break. Yet let me just say this: On Tuesday at PNC Park, the Parrot brought his A-game. He hustled across the field to rally fans like I've never seen before (when any other bird would have just lazily flown). He forcefully waved a GIANT pirate flag in the air (thankfully, he has hands on his wings). And he did all this while wearing a slick non-conformist backwards hat (cementing him as the most hipster mascot around). Anyway, maybe it was the walk-off win orchestrated beautifully by Drew Sutton or maybe there were just extra peanut shells on the ground that night. Whatever the case, the Pirate Parrot was doing WORK.

3. PNC Park has a stupendous organist, who clearly gets lost in the conversation with such a beautiful ballpark, vivacious fanbase and multi-faceted bird mascot. However, he should not be ignored! People who looked as if they'd never participate in a "Charge" chant were leading the way. If he had a CD, I would glance at it.

4. In a surprising #ASGAdventure twist, an Indiana mini-mart where we stopped -- which splits rent with an Iron Skillet -- actually sold organic non-fat Greek yogurt! It also sold jeans, so there's really no telling what they were thinking.

5. Eating Mexican cuisine on America's birthday is no longer a clown question. At least five other Americans sat by our side this afternoon at a rest stop Taco Bell. There's no question that those five people were clearly Living Mas for the day (as were we), but it's still proof that Gordita Crunches are just too hard to pass up -- even on Independence Day.

6. (Bonus!) Georgia is the sassiest concessions lady at PNC Park.

-- Kathryn Buckles