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Astro, David Price's French bulldog, talks baseball, love and more at Rays Spring Training

By Wednesday afternoon, 40 of 42 pitchers and catchers had reported to Rays camp. More than half the position players had checked in and begun hitting. And finally, Astro, David Price's French bulldog, waddled into camp -- already in uniform.

A Tampa TV station arranged an exclusive interview with Astro and his famous owner -- and the gossip magazines won't be disappointed.

"As of right now, Astro is single and ready to mingle," Price said, refuting rumors that he'd been seeing DJ Kitty. 

Unfortunately, Price also confided that Astro "has horrible gas."

Price's pup later completed a vigorous afternoon workout and received several high-fives for his efforts.

-- Dave Haller / Real-Time Correspondent

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