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Astros adopt firehouses in remembrance

As part of the Houston’s remembrance of 9/11, three current Astros and one former player visited Houston Fire Department stations and presented each with a signed jersey.

The fire stations corresponded with the uniform numbers of each player. Chris Snyder visited Firehouse No. 18, Brian Bogusevic went to No. 19, Justin Maxwell saw No. 44 and Jose Cruz visited No. 25.

Bogusevic, whose brother-in-law is a firefighter,received a tour of No. 19, which was established in 1925. Following the tour, Bogusevic suited up in basic gear, which weighs 40-50 pounds. He had two people help him dress, but each firefighter is expected to get ready on his or her own and be in the truck in only two minutes when an emergency occurs.

Since Firehouse No. 19 is located near downtown Houston, it is designated as a “high-rise station,” which means it is equipped to respond to fires in high-rise buildings.

“It changed our sense of awareness since that day,” Capt. Rick Baker said about 9/11. “Nobody really anticipated an attack of that magnitude, using airplanes to fly into high-rise buildings. It has increased our training. We work near the downtown area, so it changes our overall day-to-day activities.”

-- Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

Content captured by Real-Time Correspondent on a Samsung Galaxy S III


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