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Who was this Astros bat boy sending signs to, and what do they mean? A Cut4 investigation

Major League bat boy is an honorable profession -- their duties are wide-ranging, from dugout preparation to clubhouse morale to stealing Ben Revere's hat. But short of pulling a Darren Baker, they don't actually have any impact on the game, right? I mean, it's not like they're secret strategists, dugout sleeper cells waiting to be activated at just the right moment. That would be cra--

Ball boy

Wait a minute. Is that an Astros' bat boy delivering signs during Friday night's game against the A's? What is he saying? Who is he saying it to? This calls for a thorough investigation. Based on detailed body language examination, possible theories include:

- Elaborate game of "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" to pass the time

- Letting the vendor above the dugout know that he wants ketchup and mustard on that hot dog, thanks

- Signaling for the mothership to come take Orbit back home

- Participating in a sign-off with the Oakland bat boy:

The truth is out there. Stay vigilant.

UPDATE: After some digging, it looks as if we've found our answer. Our intrepid bat boy was communicating with ... the A's bat boy, letting him know that the churro guy was nearby. As it turns out, both bat boys went to high school together, and it was there that they developed a complex system of signs dedicated to what kind of food they wanted for lunch. As proof that we're not making this up, listen for yourselves: