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Astros fan already misses the Cubs

It's not often that a fan makes a sign about an opposing team. It's even more rare that the sign says nice things.

But that is just what Astros fan Kat Smith did. 

"I made a sign because we love the Cubs fans, and we are going to miss the Cubs fans," Smith said. "Out here, we call ourselves the Bullpen Pals, and when the Cubbies come to town, this area out here is 50-50 Astros fans and Cubs fans, and we all love to yell and cheer for each other's teams. It has been a friendly rivalry. So, I decided to make a sign for the fans."

The Houston fan has traveled to see the Astros play at Wrigley several times, and during one trip, she won a baseball signed by the last three Cubs who threw no-hitters. 

-- Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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