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An Astros fan snagged George Springer's Game 2 homer and then completely lost his mind

Growing up in nearby Cypress, Texas, John Michael Sopher has been a diehard Astros fan for as long as he can remember. Though his family owned season tickets for years, he hadn't gotten to experience postseason baseball for a while -- until Friday afternoon, that is, when he scored seats to watch Houston take on the Red Sox in Game 2 of the ALDS.

But Sopher wasn't just excited to watch his favorite team in October. Before the game, he wondered aloud to his dad whether they would come up with a home run ball.

Flash forward to the third inning, when George Springer lifted a high fly ball to right field: 


Yes, that's Sopher in the Alex Bregman jersey, making an impressive barehanded grab and then celebrating in the way only a fan who recently came into possession of a Major League souvenir can. After his big moment, he talked to Real-Time Correspondent Rebecca George about how it all went down:

We need another look:


Hang this in the Louvre.

Reporting by Real-Time Correspondent Rebecca George