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Watch Astros fans at Dodger Stadium experience the joy of a World Series title

It was one of the greatest World Series you'll ever see, with enough comebacks (and dingers) to defy belief. But, in the end, only one team could take home the Commissioner's Trophy -- and after the Astros defeated the Dodgers, 5-1, in Game 7 on Wednesday night, Houston took to the field and the clubhouse to celebrate.

Even though the game was in Los Angeles, they weren't the only ones about to party: Hundreds of Astros fans were decked out in their orange-and-blue glory to honor their team's first World Series title. That included Lance McCullers Jr.'s in-laws, Jeff and Michelle Kilfoile. With pride for their son-in-law and a celebration to get to, they were sure to say that they were, "Lance's biggest fans." Jeff then joked, "Other than his parents and brothers -- oh, and his wife."

To find out just what the win meant to the Houston fans in attendance, click play on the video above. As one of them said after the final out, "We've waited so long."