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Astros first-rounder crushes three homers and drives in 12 in Class A Advanced debut

Astros first-rounder drives in 12 in High-A debut

Drafted 11th overall in 2014, Astros outfield prospect Derek Fisher --

No, not this Derek Fisher:

No, that's Bobby Fischer:

No, that's a scene from "Searching for Bobby Fischer" -- you're getting even further away from the starting point! 

I said, Derek Fisher, the Astros' 11th-best prospect who made his first appearance with the Class A Advanced Lancaster Jethawks on Saturday night. Normally when a player makes a debut, they're a jumble of nerves and their minds are too busy trying to remember the second baseman's name rather than playing baseball. But not Fisher. 

In his first at-bat, he hit a home run.

In his second, he hit a grand slam. 

In his third at-bat, he hit another grand slam. Yes, that's right: three innings, three home runs and nine RBIs. 

But he wasn't done there. After striking out in his next at-bat, Fisher again batted with the bases loaded. This time he only hit a three-run double. How disappointing. 

The Jethawks outfielder drove in 12 RBIs, breaking a Cal League record that had stood since 1954. 

As for the Major League record for RBIs in a debut? That would belong to Starlin Castro when he drove in six on May 7, 2010. 

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