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Astros prospect has no use for the ground as he goes horizontal to make a catch

Astros prospect goes horizontal to rob hit

Astros No. 14-ranked prospect Tony Kemp has no use for land. The dirt beneath his feet is nothing but a reminder of a time when humans were held earthbound by gravity, an archaic nuisance that once had to be cleaned from his cleats.

In the top of the fifth inning of Friday night's Triple-A matchup between the Las Vegas 51s and Fresno Grizzlies, Kemp took flight. As if he were Superman first revealing himself to the citizenry of Metropolis, Kemp went horizontal to rob Vegas' Johnny Monell of a hit.


Kemp's running, leaping, flying, tumbling catch blew every mind within a 50-mile radius of the ballpark -- including Monell's, who, after composing himself, could do nothing but applaud.

The 51s ended up winning in the end, 11-5, and Monell finished with three hits including a double and home run. But that doesn't make Kemp's catch any less superheroic. 

Watching Kemp's flight in slow-motion, you might be tempted to look for a harness and wires, like Allison Williams as Peter Pan.


But nope. No wires.

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