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Astros' radio contest down to final four contestants

The four finalists of the Astros’ You Make the Call Radio Apprentice Contest got the chance to broadcast during actual games this past weekend. Each participant sat in for just over an inning with regular radio duo Brett Dolan and Dave Raymond.

The foursome included Nate Kurant from  Kenneth City, Fla., Alex Del Barrio from Mission, Texas, Jane Atkinson of Spring, Texas, and Crawford Jones of Houston.

Kurant had to fight through Tropical Storm Isaac to get to Houston for Thursday's broadcast. Del Barrio, the current public address announcer for the Harlem Globetrotters, followed on Friday night, with Atkinson and Jones rounding out the weekend during their turns on Saturday and Sunday.

"It took a little bit longer to get here today," Kurant said. "Basically, I got here then turned around and came to the ballpark.  It’s been an exciting day ... a whirlwind day.”

Atkinson grew up just 20 minutes from Minute Maid Park and says that this contest has been “a dream come true," even if he had to endure some ribbing from Milo Hamilton, who asked when his suit was due back.

“I felt at ease, in my element, just going back and shooting the breeze with guys, talking about baseball, and having them give me a hard time,” Atkinson said. “If I have to be ragged on to be here and get to do this, I’m all for it.”

Fans can cast their vote for any of the four contestants from Sept. 5-10 online.

-- Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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