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#AstrosMovies takes over Twitter

Who said the Astros aren't trendy – or trending?

Astros fans have had their challenges in the past several years, and let's face it, at times, it's not been easy. But say this for them -- they haven't lost their senses of humor.

Piggy-backing on a Twitter exercise started by a couple of White Sox fans, a handful of die-hard Astros followers started their own hashtag, titled: #AstrosMovies.

What started as a private joke among friends exploded within the hour. Ranging from the obvious to the over-the-top clever, tweeters submitted their best movie titles, Astros-style.

Play-on-words titles poured in, and hilarity ensued.

"When Harrell Met Sally," ‏@big_john819 tweeted. ‏"Shattered Glass: The Hunter Pence Story," @GregRajan (Double-A Hooks beat writer) suggested. "Who Framed Roger Clemens?" @whattheheck57 wondered, while @DieHardAstros asked, "Dude, Where's My Chuck Carr?" @AstrosCounty's contribution: "A Fish Called Wandy." @haroldheft contributed "Oh Brother Where Art Howe."'s EVP of Content, @dinnmann, chimed in with a couple of his own: Invasion of the Billy Hatchers and Blum & Humber.

The #AstrosMovies hashtag blew up, unscientifically speaking, somewhere between 9 and 11 p.m. CT Thursday night. As a Twitter trending topic, it was No. 2 in the United States and No. 3 worldwide.

Geoff Blum (@blummer27), a former Astros player who is rumored to be stepping into the Astros TV booth as a broadcaster this season, served up this beauty: "16 Candaele's."

For a couple of hours, it seemed that the entire Astros fanbase, plus a few welcomed outsiders, had something to say on the topic. The submissions ranged from clever to downright hysterical. The list of worthy movie titles is seemingly endless, but if we had to crown a grand prize winner, we'd lean toward @HouCounterplot, who kept us roaring with "Dotel Mom the Babysitter's Dead," "I'm Gonna Git You, JB Shucka," "Home Villone," "Guys and Qualls," and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pence."

-- Alyson Footer /

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