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At Fenway, a fan made a spectacular barehanded catch look like it was nothing at all

Sometimes, one of the best ways to show off your talent isn't through celebrations or convoluted maneuvers, but to act like that impressive thing you just did wasn't very special at all.

On a Hanley Ramirez foul ball during the fifth inning of the Red Sox's 5-3 loss to the Royals Sunday, a Boston fan caught a foul ball with one bare hand without looking like he was even trying.


While the fan in front of him went for the flashier full-extension barehanded catch, the eventual champion followed a path of less resistance: He just stuck his hand in front of him. How did he celebrate this great catch? Barely.

Ironically, this fan's apparent drive to avoid drawing attention to himself and his accomplishments became the precise reason it earned recognition.