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Athletics ballboy heroically risks clean uniform to save his bullpen with a diving stop

A's ballboy saves his bullpen with diving stop

It's a trope as old as the action movie itself -- when things are their darkest, the protagonist nobly gives himself up, sacrificing one to save many. History echoes with their names: Clint EastwoodCommissioner GordonApu

To this illustrious list of the brave, we can now add this ballboy from Saturday's Rays-Athletics game. With a ground ball bearing down on the Oakland bullpen, there was little time to react, and our intrepid hero did the only thing he could to uphold his oath:

Ballboy dive

For his unflinching valor in the face of grave danger/a whole bunch of dirt stains, he was rewarded with fist bumps from the entire A's pitching staff, as well as the gratitude of an entire nation.

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