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A's fan dives to snag foul ball, comes up with another fan's beer instead

A chance at a Major League foul ball doesn't come around very often. There are tens of thousands of eager fans at each game, and the odds that you happen to have a baseball hit right in your direction are pretty slim (hence the vigorously triumphant celebrations).  
So, to have that chance actually arrive, only to be bested fair and square by another fan? That's a devastating blow. But as one A's fan in a truly fantastic bucket hat discovered during Tuesday's 7-4 win over the Twins, there is one consolation prize that may help ease the pain: a free cup of beer you just happened to find while you're down there.

We're not quite sure how that beer got there, or why our intrepid hero didn't use the bucket hat as a foul-ball net -- really, what else could be the point of a bucket hat? -- but he's taught us all an important lesson all the same: Hard work really does pay off in the end.