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A's security guard appeases throng of adoring fans by signing and giving away foul ball

There were 16,328 fans in attendance at the Coliseum for the A's 5-0 win over the Orioles on Tuesday night. You might assume they made the trip simply to take in a baseball game. In reality, though, any athletic event was a mere backdrop. The people had come to get a glimpse of fame, of luxury, of greatness. They had come for the world-renowned Athletics security guard.

And, ever a man of the people, the guard graciously took some time out of his busy night of beach-ball destruction/protecting the Orioles bullpen to give the fans what they want:

Security guard autograph

He even had a Sharpie at the ready for just such an occasion, always prepared to accommodate the masses. Bless you, Athletics security guard. Bless you.