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Watch (and listen to) an Australian baseball field get covered by golf ball-sized hail

We've seen plenty of baseball games get rained out, with players using the moment to have a little slip-n-slide fun. We've seen fields covered in snow. But rarely do you see hail postpone a game. 
Still, that's what the Canberra Calvary had to face when they took on the Adelaide Bite in Game Two of the ABL playoff preliminary round. Following a wind-aided double by Bite outfielder John Schultz in the top of the first, the hail started coming. While the fans ran for cover, Bite infielder Travis Demeritte took the chance to catch some of the giant ice balls before he, too, scampered off the field. 
Fortunately, the cameras kept rolling as the broadcast turned up the mics to let you hear just what it sounded like to have giant chunks of sky ice hammer against a baseball stadium.
Later in the clip you'll see something you likely never expected to witness: The groundscrew dragging the field for hail.
The Bite would go on to win the series against the Calvary, two games to one, and will now take on the Brisbane Bandits in the ABL Championship starting Friday night.