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Bathe like the pros: The Royals are auctioning off their clubhouse spa

Royals auctioning off their clubhouse spa

Let's face it: You'll probably never pitch like the pros, run like the pros or hit like the pros. Yeah, you'll definitely never hit like the pros.


But now, thanks to the Royals, you can BATHE like the pros! The defending AL champs are auctioning off an eight-person spa directly from their clubhouse:

Here's the description:

Spa is a two pump system with an air blower in working condition, well maintained by clubhouse staff. Comes with wooden steps to make spa entry easier and a cover to help minimize cleaning. Color is slate blue with whitewash cabinets.

There's also a Royals logo on the outside. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, fellas. You know what to do.

Start your bidding right here. Make Salvador Perez proud.


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