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The Pioneer League championship game was delayed after a beaver knocked the power out

Just when it seems as though #weirdbaseball has outdone itself, nature decides to get involved to remind us that 1) we are very, very small and 2) things can always, always get weirder. 

The Missoula Osprey were just three outs away from claiming the Pioneer League championship, leading the Idaho Falls Chukars, 8-1, heading into the top of the ninth, when disaster struck. And by disaster, we mean beavers. No, seriously: A beaver took down a nearby tree, which landed on a transmission line and knocked out the power at the stadium. 

The delay lasted 18 minutes, presumably foiling the beaver's plan to keep the Chukars alive -- Missoula clinched the title soon after the lights warmed back up. And now, after painstaking hours of research, we present a carefully constructed reenactment of the incident: