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Ben Revere leapt to catch a Matt Wieters fly ball, and then turned it into a home run instead

The MLB rulebook defines an assist as an instance in which a fielder "throws or deflects a batted or thrown ball in such a way that a putout results." But that just seems so limited, no? Baseball is quite the giving game, and there are a lot of ways to assist on a baseball field.

You could use your head to assist a ball on its way to first base, or your ballpark could assist a fly ball to the shortstop. Or, like Ben Revere during Friday's Orioles-Blue Jays game, you could assist Matt Wieters in his quest to hit a home run:

Wieters home run

Don't hang your head, Ben. A generous spirit is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, at least you didn't use your head.