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Best photographic evidence yet of Yeti's existence taken at AT&T Park

The Patterson-Gimlin film, which was shot 45 years ago this month, claimed to prove the existence of Bigfoot. On Sunday, Bigfoot's Himalayan cousin, the Yeti, got its own smoking gun footage -- and incredibly, it happened at the Giants-Cardinals NLCS game in San Francisco.

Of course, this isn't the Giants' first connection to giant ape-like cryptids. Brian Wilson attended July's ESPYs with the closely related Sasquatch. Interestingly, the Yeti wasn't wearing a Wilson jersey, but rather one emblazoned with Tim Lincecum's No. 55. It makes sense when you realize Lincecum is from the Pacific Northwest -- just like the Yeti's North American cousins.

-- Dan Wohl /

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