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Bill Murray learned about the eclipse and visited the Charleston RiverDogs on his newest show

Already tired of the long wait until Spring Training? Well, comedian and Cubs enthusiast Bill Murray is doing his best to have you covered.

Earlier in November, Murray and his brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, launched a new show on Facebook Watch called "Extra Innings," in which they tour various ballparks across Minor League Baseball. The show debuted on Nov. 20, and the next episode looks to be fun, too.

As seen in the teaser video above, Murray got to spend some time learning about the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. While Bartolo Colon and his friends in the Majors observed it in their own way, Murray attended an astronomy class with NASA scientists in Charleston, S.C., who explained the totality. Afterward, the brothers attended a Minor League game nearby, where "Director of Fun" Murray watched his RiverDogs.

If you're looking for a taste of what the show is like, here's the first episode:

The next installment will be released on Monday, Dec. 4. Tune in via Facebook Watch.