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Billy Hamilton wears 'Speed Kills' cleats, proves it with amazing catch and some stolen bases

Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton knows a thing or two about speed -- after all, he's so fleet-footed he can score from second base on a passed ball

In Cincinnati's Sunday matchup with the Pirates at PNC Park, Hamilton proved this yet again by wearing cleats emblazoned with the phrase "Speed Kills" -- and then backed up that talk with a steal of second: 


He then went on to nab third base as well, and score on a groundout to put the Reds up early, 1-0. 

Oh, and by the way, he's also impossibly fast in center field, too. Just look at this far-ranging catch made possible due to his afterburners kicking into gear: 


After the game, Hamilton explained to's George Von Benko that he wasn't entirely certain he had secured the ball on that catch: 

"I was unsure till I caught it and it almost came out towards the end a little bit and I had to keep it in the glove. I remember the other night with DeSclafani at the wall and I missed it, so I had to make sure I caught this one."

So, what's it like seeing your teammate do things like this so easily? Reds starter Dan Straily had this to say: 

"I tell him all the time that we're on the top plays of the month again. That's definitely where it's headed. He's quite an unbelievable talent out there."


Pretty much our reaction, too.