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BJ Upton hits a game-tying solo homer in the 9th, then Justin follows it with a game-winner of his own

There's something inherently relatable about two brothers teaming up to take on the world who cut down anyone in their path. It's tribal. It's Shakespearean.

On Saturday, with Atlanta trailing the Cubs by one run in the bottom of the 9th inning, BJ Upton got his first home run as a member of the Braves. Then, almost immediately after that, his brother Justin hit a walk-off homer to center field.

As a younger brother, I can attest to this: after BJ hit his home run to tie the game, there was no way Justin was leaving that batter's box without one-upping him. In situations like this, there are forces larger than the game at play. Thankfully for the Braves, those forces are working in their favor.

-- Dakota Gardner /