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Cup4: Blackhawks celebrate Stanley Cup win with a victory lap at Wrigley Field

Blackhawks celebrate Stanley Cup win at Wrigley

Q: After you win the Stanley Cup with a 2-0 shutout in Game 6 and bring home your third championship since 2010, what's the first thing you do?

A: Hit up Wrigley Field. Duh.

Forget Disney World: A day after the Blackhawks bested the Tampa Bay Lightning, the team was in attendance at Wrigley for the Cubs' matchup against the Indians, and they brought their shiny friend along. 

Maybe they were returning the favor to Anthony Rizzo and the other Cubs players who dropped in to see the Hawks finish things off at the United Center Monday night. Or maybe they were simply sharing some Chicago 'ship love. (And turning Cut4 into Cup4, for the moment.)

Either way, Joe Maddon was excited:


Chris Denorfia, one of the players to head to the game after the Cubs were rained out, wasn't afraid of the challenge now that one Chi-Town team has won it all in 2015: "What championships mean in this town makes you hope that it happens here," the outfielder told's Greg Garno.

And, well, Hawks goalie Scott Darling has confidence in his cross-sport counterparts: "I like their future, great young infield," he said. "Been a Cubs fan my whole life. It's pretty amazing to walk out on the field after coming to so many games here."

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