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The Blue Jays' dugout reaction to Kevin Pillar's home run was a roller coaster of emotion

Kevin Pillar gets silence, then dancing in dugout

Kevin Pillar hit the third of three Blue Jays home runs during their 10-4 win over the Orioles Sunday afternoon, driving a solo shot in the fourth inning to give Toronto a 6-0 lead and bring his season dinger total to 10.

And while he surely felt quite good about himself rounding the bases, as soon as he crossed home plate and headed into the dugout, he experienced a roller coaster of emotion.

First, there was … dancing!


And then, Pillar tried going for a second round of high fives. That did not go so well.


The Blue Jays dugout: From delightful to stoic in 60 seconds flat. 

Update: This article originally stated that the silent treatment came first, then dancing, and not the other way around. 

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