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Blue Jays fan bobbles amazing would-be in-cap catch

From babies to beers and bare hands to big gloves, Cut4 has extensively documented all kinds of ridiculous fan catches. Today we turn to a much more painful subject: the near miss.

In the eighth inning of the Blue Jays' contest with the Orioles on Saturday, Maicer Izturis hit a ball that looked destined to become a homer. At the last moment, it unexpectedly landed in foul territory. So close.

But as far as we're concerned, that's not the most compelling tragedy at work here -- the replays show a Toronto fan catching the ball in his cap, watching it bounce out of reach and then clutching his head in (understandable) sorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of regret.

Blue Jays fan

Better luck next time.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /