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Blue Jays fan gets foul ball, but instantly loses it while celebrating

It's a classic story: Boy meets ball, boy loses ball, boy gets autographed ball from former Blue Jay Gregg Zaun.

On Friday, an overeager Toronto fan scrambled for a foul ball that landed in the row of seats in front of him. Once he got his hands on it, he hoisted the souvenir over his head in triumph, only to accidentally fling it into the air. The ball flew into the waiting hands of another fan, who -- per the Unspoken Laws of Ballpark Etiquette -- handed it over to his kid. (Is it just our imagination, or does this guy throw in a Dikembe Mutombo finger wag, too?)

As dire as things seemed, all was not lost. Like some kind of plainclothes superhero, Gregg Zaun appeared out of nowhere. The former Blue Jays catcher tossed the grieving fan a signed ball before disappearing back to the Batcave Sportsnet booth. 

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

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