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John Gibbons doesn't really know how to create more offense at Kauffman Stadium

John Gibbons was asked a question during his news conference on Thursday that he was, simply, unable to answer. Seriously, he was speechless for seconds. Look:


Was he asked his thoughts on the new Hotline Bling video? If he'd heard the news about the solar system that's disintegrating before scientists' very eyes? Whether he'd consider starting Mini Bautista on Friday?

Nope. He was asked how the Blue Jays plan to generate more offense in Kansas City. Toronto seemed to struggle crossing the plate at Kauffman Stadium -- the Jays were shut out in Game 1 on just three hits, and their three runs in Game 2 weren't enough to match the Royals' six -- hence Gibbons' hesitation. Although, to be fair, asking "How will you generate more offense?" is kind of like asking "How do you plan to become the most handsome man in the world?" If there was an easy answer, we'd already be doing it. 

Here's his eventual answer:

"Bunt more? I don't know -- I have no idea. Hopefully they don't pitch as well, I don't know. I don't know how to answer that."

So, the next time someone asks you a question and you realize you haven't been listening for minutes because that guy across the way maybe just picked his nose and you have no idea how to answer, don't feel so bad. Gibbons has been there. And "Bunt more" is a pretty good all-purpose response for any situation.