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Boomstick record falls in Texas

The saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas,” and at Rangers Ballpark Wednesday, that included the appetites.

Before the Rangers hosted the Red Sox, a Boomstick eating contest took place in the center-field plaza. Six contestants sat down to see who could conquer the two-foot long concession the fastest.

Josh Moody, a Rangers season ticket holder, consumed the enormous hot dog in a record time of four minutes and 58 seconds.

“I channeled my inner Kobayashi and started using the water method, and that’s what enabled me to get it in four minutes and 58 seconds,” Moody said.

Moody expressed unbridled excitement – and, admittedly, a lot of relief – after downing the final bite, finishing his water bottle and throwing it into the crowd of cameras and cheering fans.

The Boomstick festivities at Rangers Ballpark are likely not over. Rapp said there is a golf cart made to look like an 18-foot-long hot dog that will make its debut around July 30.

-- Landon Haaf

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