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Both the Pirate Parrot and Raymond were up way past their bedtimes on Wednesday

In the ninth inning of an Athletics-Pirates game that got started three hours late because of a rain delay, the Pirate Parrot couldn't wait to get back to his nest to sleep. He put on his SpongeBob pajamas and found a cozy row of seats to doze off on (he still woke up in time to hoist the Jolly Roger after the Bucs won.)

Meanwhile, the Twins and Rays were engaged in a marathon of their own, though certainly not because of the weather in Tropicana Field (which is indoors). That game went to 13 innings, and while he didn't appear to actually lay down, Raymond also donned his PJs and appeared to be sleepwalking near the end of it:

It was a happy night to the end for the Tampa Bay mascot as well, as the Rays also prevailed.

-- Dan Wohl /