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Brad Ausmus showed off his catching chops as he caught Justin Verlander between innings

While Tigers manager Brad Ausmus hasn't caught a big league game since 2010, he hasn't lost much in that time. Heading into the top of the sixth inning of Sunday's Red Sox-Tigers game, catcher James McCann needed some more time to get his gear on. With backup catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the lineup, Ausmus saved Andrew Romine's legs as he went out to warm up Justin Verlander.  


Not only did Ausmus look plenty natural back behind the dish (sadly, there's no framing data on his performance), it also provides a great idea for a potential rule change: If games go to extra innings, teams can insert their managers into the lineup. I can picture it now: Ausmus coming out to catch in the 14th, Clint Hurdle taking over at first base in the 18th, Walt Weiss stepping back in at short to make a game-saving diving grab ... in fact, I'm sure plenty of people would pay good money just to see a managers vs. players softball game.