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Brand-new Boston resident Pablo Sandoval has great idea to honor the finish line shoveler

Pablo Sandoval wants to honor the Marathon shoveler

Pablo Sandoval has been a member of the Boston Red Sox for roughly two months, but he's already helping out his fellow Beantowners.

Earlier this week, Boston endured a blizzard that would make Hoth jealous. The official snow total from the Weather Channel was just over 2 1/2 feet -- good for the sixth-heaviest snowstorm on record. And while much of the city was at a standstill, there was one man making sure that Boston stayed, well, Boston.

That's Christopher Laudani, who, according to The Boston Globe, works as a bartender on Bolyston Street and has run the Boston Marathon five times. On Tuesday, Laudani went out into the snowstorm and cleared the Marathon's iconic finish line.

"It's more about the finish line itself, what it represents to me. The love of something that is way bigger than any of us," Laudani told the Globe.

Laudani's symbolic gesture didn't go unnoticed, clearly -- the image of him shoveling went viral, and now, he's getting VIP invitations from brand-new Boston residents:

Nothing like snow, the Boston Marathon and Red Sox games to bring new and old Bostonians together.

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