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After Cards tell Brandon Moss to lift more weights, he hits walk-off shot against Nats

After Cardinals tease Moss, slugger hits walk-off HR

I remember Seth Rogen, on some late night talk show or other, once talking about how his co-star in "Neighbors," Zac Efron, would lift weights in between scenes to keep his muscles looking nice and "swole." Which, sure, that makes sense for "show" muscles. But I never thought they'd work for baseball where you need actual strength.

I guess I was wrong. 

Against the Nationals on Tuesday night, Brandon Moss nearly had a home run in the bottom of the sixth inning, instead driving a ball just off the top of the wall. 

Recognizing his need to add just a little more rippitude to his liner, the Cardinals bench offered some helpful workout advice.


Apparently Moss took his teammates' suggestion for this one workout trick that will totally get you ripped for beach season. For in the bottom of the ninth, with two on and the game tied at 5, Moss swung at Casey Janssen's fastball and deposited it a Statcast™-projected 424 feet from home plate. Or, 19 more feet than his sixth-inning double. 

Looks like that workout tip paid off. 


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