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The Braves had their fantasy football draft and here are the results

The Braves held their fantasy football draft on Thursday, and first baseman Chris Johnson tweeted out the results of the first 16 rounds. If you can't tell, the team on the far left is run by pitcher Jordan Walden.

Johnson asked his followers who they thought had the strongest team, and pitcher Tim Hudson's wife chimed in with a tidbit about Huddy's preparation:

And Johnson responded:

Whose team do you think has the best chance of success? Do you like Walden's collection of Adrian Peterson, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas and Cam Newton? Or are you more partial to outfielder Justin Upton's assemblage of Patriots: Stevan Ridley, Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen?

Who got the best value pick? Has to be outfielder Reed Johnson's seventh-round selection of Robert Griffin III, right?

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