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Starting Nine: Dozen it feel good, Atlanta?

1. Julio Teheran allowed one run in six innings during the Braves' 2-1 victory over the Nationals on Tuesday. Bryce Harper homered for Washington -- and was plunked by a pitch (resulting in a small scuffle) -- but Atlanta extended its win streak to 12 games.


2. The Tigers also like streaking. After beating the Indians 5-1 on Tuesday, they've now won 10 straight. Miguel Cabrera and Don Kelly combined for five hits and four RBIs, while Justin Verlander dominated Cleveland through eight strong innings.

3. "J Hay, Hay, Hay-Hay-Hay. Walk it off!"

4. Even though the Dodgers lost to the Cardinals, ending their record road streak at 15, Clayton Kershaw is still very good.

5. Here are 17 GIFs of Yasiel Puig being Yasiel Puig. Don't try any of this madness at home.


6. These Twins bros are best friends with a piece of cardboard.

7. What going-away present did Mariano Rivera receive on his most recent road trip to San Diego? Take a peek inside his trophy garage here.


8. There was a bat (of the animal variety) flying around PNC Park last night. It probably heard there were other bats in the area.

9. Watch Peyton and Eli Manning rap about watching football on your phone.