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Blooper's attempt at the baseball Bird Box Challenge ended painfully

The new year has brought a new epidemic to social media: the Bird Box Challenge, based on Netflix's new thriller, "Bird Box." On Monday, the Dodgers' Justin Turner found a fun way to spread the challenge to baseball by taking batting practice blindfolded. He even managed to make contact.

Little did Turner know that he was starting a trend. The Braves' mascot, Blooper, decided to give the baseball Bird Box Challenge a whirl himself. He's not an All-Star like Turner, but he did match Turner in making contact -- on his second swing, no less! In contrast, it took Turner eight swings to do that.

The problem that Blooper didn't consider is that you probably shouldn't showboat while blindfolded in the batting cage.

10/10 would NOT recommend #birdboxchallenge

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Clearly, Happy Gilmore taught him well.

We would say that will leave a mark, but at least Blooper has all that fur to shake it off. It's not his first such injury anyway.