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Break it down: NL Wild Card race

After tackling the AL contenders earlier today, let's check in on the NL Wild Card race:

Braves: Despite losing two of three to the Mets over the weekend and a 7-11 record since Sept. 1, Atlanta has a 3.5 game advantage heading into the season's final full week. Remember, after winning 11 straight NL East titles, the Braves have made the postseason just once in the last five years. Our advice: it's never too late to scour the free agent market.

Cardinals: Tony La Russa has a 33-man roster and he's not afraid to use it. Pinch-running for the pinch-runner? Replacing a lefty specialist with an even leftier specialist? The quintuple switch? Tinkertinkertinkertinker!

Giants: San Francisco is trying to duplicate last season's unlikely blueprint for postseason success: combine dominant starting pitching with dominant bullpen facial hair, add an outfield bat at the Deadline and mix in at least one player younger than 47-years-old. Hey, it's worked before ...

Tell us: Who will win the NL Wild Card?