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A Miami radio host lost a bet about Christian Yelich and now he might literally eat a crow

We've all heard the phrase "eat crow" before. It's a metaphorical consequence of being wrong about something - like, for example, when Miami-area radio host Brendan Tobin said he'd "eat crow" if Christian Yelich hit 20 home runs this season. 

OK, that's not quite correct. He added an important word to the phrase, and said he'd literally eat crow if Yelich was able to finish the year with 20 dingers. So … guess what happened during the Nationals-Marlins game on Wednesday? Sure, Miami may have lost, 8-3, but Yelich got No. 20:

Tobin's response after the homer was elegant and succinct.

Yelich, for his part, thinks it's all in good fun. As he told's Joe Frisaro:

"I think it's kind of cool if he is actually going to honor it. A lot of people who make a bet like that are going to try to do anything to back out of it. It doesn't seem like that's the case, in this instance. Good for him.

It's kind of a fun way to laugh about it, and watch him eat a crow. I didn't know you could eat crows. Apparently you can, so good for him."

Will he actually eat a crow? How would a person even go about doing that? We have so many questions, and sort of hope we never find out the answers to any of them.