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Putting the SUN back in Sunday: Sun blinds two New York outfielders trying to make catches

They may have been 891 miles apart, but the sun was willing to stop by both the Bronx and Atlanta to mess with New York outfielders. Must be a Boston sports fan.

With the Yankees taking on the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, the cool, shades-wearing celestial being showed up and wreaked havoc on Brett Gardner as he raced back on Chris Colabello's fly ball. 


"I got it, I got it, I got it. I don't got it."

Meanwhile, with the Mets taking on the Braves in Atlanta, right fielder Curtis Granderson was all ready to make a a great sliding catch on Adonis Garcia's fly ball with two outs and the bases loaded. Only problem: The sun was there to act like an agent of chaos and, whoops: 


Fortunately for New Yorkers, the sun may be tricky, but it's not cruel. The Yankees went on to win, 5-0, while the Mets would come back to beat the Braves, 10-7, in 10 innings.