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The Brewers and DJ Jazzy Jeffress are holding a '90s Night for the ages

The Brewers are going all out for '90s Night

Are you a card-carrying child of the 1990s? Were your snacks Dunkaroos, your drink of choice Fruitopia, your pop culture driven by slime? Did you long for the days when "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" still ruled the airwaves? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, have no fear, the Milwaukee Brewers are here -- with one of the most immersive '90s Night experiences in history. During their game against the Pirates on Saturday, July 30, Milwaukee isn't just dressing up like the '90s, it's turning back the clock: '90s music, '90s team logo, '90s throwback unis, '90s everything ... up to and including '90s rappers/TV stars. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present: Will Smith and DJ Jazzy (Jeremy) Jeffress.

Oh, but they weren't done:

To top it all off, fans who buy the '90s Night ticket package will also get a limited-edition Fresh Prince shirsey, which looks exactly how it sounds:


But while the above '90s goodness is great, the Brewers want to send it over the top -- and they need your help. You see, Will Smith and the Milwaukee bullpen has been trying to get the actual Will Smith to show up at Miller Park, even going so far as to craft a video:

So far, there's been no response. But you can make it happen: Use the hashtag #WillMeetsWill to turn an excellent '90s Night into an unforgettable one. 

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