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This Brewers fan dad is having the best Father's Day around after a crowd-pleasing foul ball catch

How do you celebrate Father's Day? Maybe a warm gathering of family, firing up the BBQ and turning on the ballgame is in order. Or, if you're especially dedicated, a trip to the ballpark makes for a pretty solid way to spend the day.

One dad in the stands at Sunday's Padres-Brewers game at Miller Park had perhaps the best Father's Day of all, thanks to his trusty glove that he used to great effect when Hernan Perez smashed a second-deck foul ball toward the left-field corner area. Sitting that high, some fans might not expect a chance at a souvenir ... but this guy did, and he was more than ready:


After making that grab, he basked in the spotlight of his fellow fans for a while. Soak it up, Dad. You've earned it.

The gentleman behind this impressive play is Ricky Dean, at the game with his wife and son. In a bit of perfect timing, this is his son's first trip to a baseball game (after wanting to go to one since he was four years old). As Dean told Real-Time Correspondent Katie Hanson, he knew the ball was headed right for him and "couldn't believe it," but thankfully he had his glove at the ready and made the grab. 


Naturally, he gave the ball to his son as a souvenir from his first-ever game, giving this whole thing a storybook ending.